I S S U E   1


The Play Issue featuring photography showcases of Daniel Sannwald and Garret Suhrie along with features on Kat Graham and the back story of Falling Whistles.

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I S S U E   2

Sing and Dance

The Sing and Dance Issue celebrating all things 80's with a photography showcase of Scott Rhea and a glimse into the genius of Ash Baron Cohen.

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I S S U E   3

Bond of Friends

The Bond of Friends issue. Celebrating all aspects of friendship and collaboration with narrative fashion editorials, an interview with Brooklyn based band Suckers and a photography showcase by two CalArts graduates and friends Codi Barbini and Christopher Golden.

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I S S U E   4


The Addiction issue. This issue is a mirror showing us togetherness, confidence, obsession, peace perseverance and the wildness of the soul... all of that during a full moon.

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I S S U E   5


The Defiance issue knows the rules of society and breaks them for the sake of personal code. The expression of this is highlighted in editorials by photographers Rus Anson, Anthony Elgort, Gary Fitzpatrick, Nick Onken, and Tyler William Parker. Also, filmmaker and writer Eric Amadio shares his creative process.

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I S S U E   6


The Invasion Issue: The invasion of ourselves, of our truth in all its honesty, complete without ego a circus, some model stalking and of course love and rock and roll.

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I S S U E   7

Influence to Innovation

The Influence to Innovation Issue with an interview with Kate Nauta, Fashion features from Anthony Elgort and Ellinor Stingle and a conversation with Joseph Sweeney. 

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I S S U E   8


The Pheonix Issue is a journey of rebirth, surviving destiny, and calling out the bullshit. 

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I S S U E   9


In the eye of conflict a fantasy has the opportunity to show it's face.  Anthony Elgort, Harry Fellows, Nick Onken, Joshua Petker, Susan Michals, Eleonora Baiocchi, and Ise White all share theirs. 

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I S S U E   1 0


The Illusion issue is the result of expanded creative range and expression along with a great many adventures, insane challenges, and visual triumphs that are testaments to the creative resolve. 

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I S S U E   1 1


G.K. Chesterton realized that we need to learn how to enjoy enjoyment before we can really enjoy art, invention, theatre, or games.  This issue asks the questions that provide clarity on what we are conditioned to enjoy with our conscious minds and with its charms, awakens our souls to a deeper level of enjoyment.   

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I S S U E   1 2


|a'we(e)r| adjective

Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact: most people are aware of the dangers of sunbathing | I am well aware, no one has complained. [with adverbial ] concerned and well-informed about a particular situation or development: unless everyone becomes more environmentally aware, catastrophe is inevitable | a politically aware  electorate. 

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I S S U E   1 3


Have you ever stepped off a plane and felt at home? Have you ever had a déjà vu moment? You know that feeling of clarity that you just can't explain? Let's go there.

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I S S U E   1 4


This issue offers a unique vision and perspective on the world that is miraculous in its simplicity.

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I S S U E   1 5


This issue presents works by artists and creatives that have rinsed away layers of convention to reveal inspired creativity. Some works are collaborative, others from an individual, all a gift. Enjoy!

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I S S U E   1 6


The truth is...

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I S S U E   1 7


Flow. Ideas enter space and as a collective we find flow. It allows freedom to exist int he creation space. This issue is all about collaboration that resinates with each individual involved. 

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I S S U E   1 8

Welcome to the new incarnation of Collective Magazine.