A Prayer from Basquiat






The Cleveland Museum of Art Presents Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks Exhibition Opens with a Free Community Day, Jan. 22 2017

By Eryka Clayton


Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat filled notebooks with poetry, wordplay, sketches and personal observations ranging from street life and popular culture to themes of race, class and world history. Basquiat: ***The Unknown Notebooks ***exhibit will feature eight of these notebooks with over 140 pages of rarely seen documents, along with 50 related works on paper and large-scale paintings, two large-scale, landmark paintings on loan from the Broad Art Foundation, Los Angeles, as well as an exquisite example of Basquiat’s drawings.

While the total number of notebooks created by Basquiat remains unknown, the ones presented here reflect the originality of Basquiat’s thinking and the diversity of his subjects. Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks emphasizes the distinct interplay of text and images in Basquiat’s art, providing unprecedented insight into the importance of language in the artist’s process.

“We are pleased to begin a new year with an exciting exhibition featuring the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the best-known artists of his generation,” said William Griswold, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art. “The exhibition provides an in-depth look into Basquiat’s artistic process, and gives visitors the opportunity to see this influential artist’s intimate thoughts and rarest work.”

Opening January 22 with a free community day from 10–5, the exhibition is on view through April 23, 2017. 

Visitors have the opportunity to see the exhibition for free during the Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks Opening Day Celebration on Sunday, January 22, from 10–5. The museum will offer art activities, refreshments and a special pop-up exhibition in the atrium with artwork created by students in Kent State University’s Leading for Social Justice course.

For more info and tickets visit  www.clevelandart.org

Petite Finds :: Paris

Thank God I’m VIP By Paix Robinson

For an American in Paris, the idea of basking in the more romantic delights is always at the fortnight of choice. Even with Paris Fashion week, conventional tourism leads those to believe that Paris doesn’t exist outside the Champs Lycee, La Louvre and Place de Vosges, and rightfully so. These places and numerous post card images like them have, and will always be the epicenter of desired destinations, but where do you go to experience the city the way the actual Parisians experience? For the skater gangs, punks and rebels theres La Republique, with its drum circle chants full of hash smoke and improve song and dance, and half pipes always in use and leftover tagging marks around the cobble streets. The Art crowd can be seen with cigarette in hand and literature in toe, sauntering about Rue Des Archives, along the numerous galleries and art houses that decorate the small streets and alleyways in Le Marais. One spot in particular that any and all fashion enthusiast should check out is “Thanx God I’m VIP”, located in the in the Montorgueil neighbourhood. Whereas the name of the store may offer a more pretentious vibe, the atmosphere and energy of the store, its sales associates and manager are anything but. Located at just a couple minutes by foot from Republique, this vintage heaven offers every color, textile, decade, pattern or print that would even make Carine Roitfeld say “Mon Dieu”. Erected in 1994, The construction of the store itself allows for you to enter without the overwhelming introduction of smells and cumbersome racks that many vintage stores may have. Curated by seasonal colors and sexes the entire store makes a giant U-shape, with womens on one side, mens on the other and beautifully decorated little cafe in the middle. Walking inside is an affair that rivals the archive closets of French Vogue, or maybe just the scene from Devil Wear where Andy Saks (not Emily) finally gets the makeover she didn’t know she needed. There were a mix of French, American, Japanese and other foreigners all basking in the color assembled awesomeness that is “ Thanx God…:”. After chatting with the store owner Sylvie Chateigner and some of the sales associates it was evident that this particular vintage boutique caters to people in all forms of fashion, from the chic to the hipsters, the posh and the grudge. If any one thing could be said about this place it would be the comfort. The petite cafe offers a grand delight to the shopping or browsing experience that makes you feel like any well treated buyer in a couture showroom. So this fashion week if you're looking for a spot to upgrade your street style or just to add more one-of-a-kind pieces to your wardrobe, check out this gem in the heart of Paris to make your personal collection complete.

Address ~ 12 Rue de Lancry, Paris

Thanxgod.com @thanxgodimavip

On To The Next :: Daniel Silverstain

By Paix Robinson

The designers who set themselves apart have often been the ones who do not follow the basic suit. This past New York Fashion Week Daniel Silvertain previewed an in-season collection, for FW17. Keeping it direct in the eyes of the consumer market and changing it up.

His SS17 Collection deserves just as many cheers as what walked the runway during New York Fashion Week. Inspired by the architecture and creativity of Luis Barragan, Silvertain’s “ Barragan Collection” brings geometry, garden solace and clean metallics into frame. The eye-catching allure within the collection would have to be the “Vila” purse. A piece introduced this season in collaboration with Katie Lares. The functional and artistic execution of Silverstain's collection makes minimalistic flow and bold colors just as palatable as the works of Barragan himself.

Flores, Gil & Mann

Flores, Gil & Mann

In 2012 Flores, Gil & Mann, three photographer from LA decided to collaborate to create the series LA Oddessy. With a shared creative direction they set out into their home city to bring a viewpoint together through multiple lenses.



Perfect lips, perfect pace, patterns stable, thru lips, into air, across skin, rustling eyelashes... soft

by Rus Anson



Sannwald has always had a way of bringing me into fashions alternate universal. A place were playfulness and sophistication are at the core of ever being. Here's a selection of our favorites from the man who has shot for Dazed & Confused, i-D, 032C, Arena Homme Plus, Pop, V, Garage , Document, Ten Men, Vogue Uk, Vogue Russia and Vogue Homme Japan just to name a few.

Artist Showcase

Pipes by Photographer Miguel Starcevich

A continued love affair

Art & Fashion

So the love affair continues between Ron Bass and Forever21 and we are obsessed!  The new collection screams Basquiat!  Since then, Ron Bass’ eponymous collection has gained a cult following and has been worn by global superstars and notable fashion influencers such as, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Swizz Beatz, Rita Ora, and Cara Delevingne it will without question be sold out once it hits #ootd.   The Collection hits stores and online December 19th. 


David LaChapelle Kicks off the AMEX campaign


 My Secret Oz

From today, American Express is calling on Aussies to share images of their local everyday places of inspiration. 

Photographer, David LaChapelle got things started taking a series of images on his phone that capture Sydney’s vibrant personality and unique landscapes.

Aussies, you can join in using hashtag #MySecretOz on all social media. These images will become a live, crowd-sourced gallery hosted on American Express’ Facebook page.

Don't forget to tag @CollectiveMag on Instagram and Twitter.  We'll post a gallery of our favorites on Facebook next week. 

Have fun shooting!  



Elliot Puckette's New Work on New York's Art Scene

Brooklynite Elliot Puckette presented her new work at Paul Kasmin Gallery tonight in Chelsea New York.

Puckette's new work explores the tension between control and freedom. Her unique linear abstractions are precisely etched into prepared grounds with a razor blade. They demonstrate a complex relationship between figure and ground, stasis and action. 

Stunning! Something to see! 

The exhibition is being presented October - November 8, 2014 at Paul Kasmin Gallery 
297 Tenth Ave, New York, NY 10001


Instagram @KasminGallery

“A Rose by Any Other Name”

Baume de Rose by Terry De Gunzburg has been a fav for 10 years! It’s perfect for getting the driest lips plump and kissable. This special lip balm is packed with the divine nectar of Essential Rose Wax. Basically, it is the recreation of the rose in balm form. Boom.

This product is a must-have for every gal on the go. It is considered the “Rolls Royce” of lip balms; it’s nourishing, replenishing, anti-aging and will leave your lips looking radiant!

Baume de Rose now also comes in colorful tinted lip-glosses, so go out and treat your lips to some flowers!

Trick of the trade: Wear Baume de Rose under your lipstick for long-lasting shine, and use on your cuticles to keep them looking trim!

Available at Barneys.com

See who's Acting Disruptive with Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere stopped in to talk about his new project Acting Disruptive, "a new digital series that I co-created with Tribeca Enterprises to discuss disruptive thinking, innovation, and business with some of the worlds favorite storytellers."

COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE: What was the original idea behind acting disruptive? Can you talk to us about the creation process a bit?

MAX LUGAVERE: I love creating content that informs and inspires, particularly about science, tech, and innovation, that is draws people in and is accessible. I saw a pattern emerge in Hollywood where people with followings for their art were heavily investing in technology, challenging the status quo in many ways. I wanted to seek out these multi-hyphenates and tell their stories.

CM: Why  create a platform like acting disruptive?

ML: It's smart and fun. It extends the conversation about entrepreneurship and ideas to the zeitgeist. I hope that it inspires people. I also really wanted to meet Jessica Alba.

CM: How do look for when deciding on content? 

ML: Our guests need to be entrenched in the day-to-day. We aren't a platform for celebrity spokespeople. We're a platform for artists who are deeply passionate about the off-camera work they are doing and who have built platforms for themselves.

CM: Talk to us about VyRT

ML: VyRT is Jared Leto's company which he built from the ground up. It's a tech startup that streams high def broadcasts of 30 Seconds to Mars' concerts in a way that renders the traditional sponsor model obsolete and gives him full control. Jared is a badass, I love his band, and I love his movies. Dude is crazy passionate about technology. I feel like he's the epitome of what Acting Disruptive is all about.

CM: Who are your entrepreneurial  role models?

ML: The guys we're featuring are pretty inspiring... I also look up to guys like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, etc.


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Bags you want to eat!

Alright kiddos... these bags are even more gorgeous in person.  They are one of a kind bags made from the yummiest designer leathers and reclaimed hardware.  I was lucky enough to get a private viewing BEFORE the sample sale and for you dear Collective Readers... a little gift.... there is an extra discount off his fine art that is already priced at a steal!  Click the dropdown and select the "Collector" price.