Meet the model!! Margaux Brooke

I will definitely get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. It’s nothing like the movies. You really have to love this job and dedicate a lot of your life to it to be successful.

Collective Magazine: Where did you grow up?
Margaux Brooke: I was born in Ventura, Calif., but I was raised in Roswell, Ga., so I count that as the place I "grew up".

CM: How did you decide to become a model?
MB: My mom heard an agency looking for child models on the radio and she took me and they signed me on the spot. So I guess it was really my mom's idea, but I fell in love with it.

CM: What is your favorite aspect of modeling?
MB: My favorite aspect of modeling is definitely that I get to meet new people and see new places every day. Every job is so different from the last and I think modeling has helped me become a more well-rounded person because of all the different experiences that comes the job.

CM: What have been the biggest challenges?
MB: Well I have been going to school full time while modeling and that has been really hard to balance. I took this year off and it has been much easier to enjoy my career that way, but an education is also very important to me.

CM: What do you love to do for fun?
MB: One of my favorite hobbies is rock climbing. I have a membership to this bouldering gym in Orange County called The Factory that I go and climb at a couple times a week. It's super fun and keeps me toned for modeling. Plus the people in the rock climbing community are some of the most genuine I've ever met. Occasionally I'll go climbing outside as well. I'll take a bouldering trip to Bishop, Calif., for the weekend or go to Riverside or Malibu creek to sport climb. Rock climbing is a great sport, it pushes me physically and mentally and that's what makes it so much fun.

CM: Why NY?
MB: I'm currently modeling in New York because it's the fashion capital of the world and I have never been here to work before. It's been an amazing experience. I'm busy every single day, either with castings, jobs or test shoots. I've really enjoyed it and have already booked some pretty big jobs even though I've only been here for 3 weeks.

CM: Is there anything you wish you could have from home with you in NY?
MB: I really miss my friends and my dog, Princess, I'd love it if they could be here. But I will be back home soon. I would also say that I wish my boyfriend was here, but I don't have to because he is. He came out to New York to work (he's a photographer) so we get to spend time together, it's great.

CM: What do you most love about LA / NY?
MB: I love LA because of the weather. If New York had LA's weather, and my mom and friends lived here, I would move here, hands down. LA is where my life is so it's kind of hard to beat. But on the flip side I LOVE working in NY. I love the public transportation system and that I don't have to drive anywhere. The clients here are so professional and friendly, and my agents keep me really busy. I enjoy working here so much. I wish I could combine LA and NY but for now I guess I will have to remain bi-coastal.

CM: What kind of work do you look forward to the most?
MB: I like different kinds of work for different reasons, and it also depends on my mood. I'd say I look forward to shooting editorials more because more creativity is involved. I get all made up and dressed in the most amazing clothes and on top of that I get to create a character to play for the day, that's hard to beat. It's so much fun. But on the other hand I love shooting commercial stuff because it pays well and it's also a lot of fun. The concepts might not be as wild but it's equally as fun to jump around with a big grin on my face all day.

CM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
MB: It's hard to say. I have a few realities that I would be equally happy with in five years. I might still be modeling, which I will probably be doing as long as I can continue to grow my success and of course if I still enjoy it. I might also go the journalism route and work for one of my fav companies like Mashable or Google. I might also be writing for a fashion publication. I wouldn't argue about having a job as a writer at Vogue or Harper's Bazaar or another amazing fashion publication. So who knows. But either way I know I will be more sure about my career by then, and hopefully more successful.

CM: Who are your role models?
MB: Coco Rocha is definitely one of my biggest role models. She has helped give models a voice by working with the CFDA and Model Alliance to improve working conditions for models in the industry. On top of being an amazing person, she's also a phenomenal model and her way of posing is unlike any other models in the industry. She is definitely one of the best models in the history of the profession.

Lastly, she is very involved in social media and is one of the first models to really brand herself, which is something I relate to on a personal level, as I have been blogging about my modeling career for years. I try my best to follow her example and so far she's helped me be more professional, more outspoken at my jobs and more involved in social media. She is a really great role model to have.

CM: Name one big surprise about the industry no one ever told you about.
MB: The biggest surprise to me was how much work modeling actually is. When you watch movies or open a magazine you think this girl just shows up to set, has people make her look beautiful, she shoots for a few hours and goes home to her glamorous lifestyle but it's not like that at all.

You have to go to a ton of castings, and for me that means commuting for 2-4 hours every day to meet with 1-4 clients all over LA or NY. If I book a job I some times have to wake up really early to be on set, only to sit in hair and makeup for 2 hours, then shoot 8-10 hours, then drive back home in traffic. Not to mention I have to be professional and courteous on set to hopefully get rebooked for the next shoot, and fill out the proper paper work so I can get paid for each job. There is a lot of professionalism and responsibility involved.

Oh and I do not drive a BMW or live in a mansion, where I lay out by my pool and get fanned by a sexy pool boy, and I will definitely get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. It's nothing like the movies. You really have to love this job and dedicate a lot of your life to it to be successful.

CM: Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about?
MB: Writing is my second love. I've never been very good at talking to people. I've always been very shy, so writing has really helped me to speak my mind. I'm a journalism student and used to be the online editor for my college paper. I really enjoy interviewing people and getting to know their personal stories. I find people very fascinating. Like modeling, writing allows me to meet and engage with new people every day. Writing has really opened up my world in that aspect.

I also really love photography, I could see myself being one of those models that moves behind the lens one day. Especially now that I'm with my new boyfriend who is a photographer. It's exciting to see the world through his eyes and makes me want to get better at photography and learn to capture what I see in a whole new way.

CM: What do you dream about doing, if you could do anything?
MB: Honestly, I always thought it was be amazing to be a singer but that's not a talent you can really learn like others. You have to be born with it. So I've always been very envious of people who can sing. You can definitely catch me belting out some lyrics in my car or shower but they don't song very good.

But honestly I dream about being happy with whatever job I'm doing and so far I've been really lucky in that regard. I've been modeling since I was 9 years old and to love your career from such a young age is such a gift. So many people are unhappy with their jobs at my age and much older so I feel very blessed. As long as I'm doing something creative and enjoying it, I will be happy with whatever I do.

CM: What is a talent (in or outside the box) of yours we should know about?
MB: I don't know if I would call this a talent but I am a huge foodie. If I could spend all of my money on going to expensive restaurants and eating amazing food, I would, and probably will when I'm wealthier one day. But that aside, I can really put food away for how little I am and will often eat more than even my guy friends. Like I said, hardly a talent, but I can grub some serious amounts of food.

CM: Who are your favorite designers?
MB: Oh that is such a hard question, only because I have so many, but to list a few- Burberry, Valentino, Rag & Bone, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Thomas Wylde, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Prada, Balenciaga, Versace.