Dream jeans

Who hasn't thought of getting a perfectly tailored pair of jeans? Or getting your favorite pair made?   3x1 Denim has made the dream come true, and in one of my favorite locations in New York City!

15 Mercer houses the 3x1 complete denim manufacturing facility; beyond that, it’s also a place to witness the intricacies of the process that goes into making a perfect, custom pair of jeans.   Their rotating stock of available styles is showcased on the wall, bolts of 170 different denim fabrics, some of which come from the rarest selvage looms in the the world.   The modern and fresh design of the two leveled space is also absolutely stunning. 

Check out them out ASAP if you are in NY!   You can make an appointment for Bespoke (the process for your custom dream jeans) here, let them know what you want and their work begins.  They'll be there to guide you all the way but it's all up to you!


Otherwise you can find a store that carries some select styles here.

15 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10013

11 AM - 7 PM Mon. - Sat.
12 PM - 6 PM Sun.

Happy Wednesday everyone!