Time for a Collective Shift!

Today, join us and embrace a bad hair day… Wear your favorite cap to support CAPS FOR KIDS! CFK is a non-profit organization that provides celebrity signed caps to pediatric cancer patients. When that cap comes from one of their heroes, they realize that they are no longer alone in their fight.

As a seventeen year Cancer survivor, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a smile during treatment.  If a cap had arrived in the mail then, signed by Barbra Streisand, well, then I would remember that smile (obviously would have been huge cause of Babs).  CFK has been giving smiles for twenty years. I am proud to volunteer for them.

Today, all across America, people of every age will support ANNUAL CAP DAY for CAPS FOR KIDS.

Please rock your favorite cap today! Not a fan of caps, but need a shift? Grab an ex’s and make it liberating! Ask your family, co-workers, classmates, your child’s school or classmates to join you. While you’re at it, see if everyone can donate just one dollar! If you’re able to, match it, if not, score some karma points and 100% of the money raised goes to CAPS FOR KIDS.  It takes less time to register than pick out your cap!!

If you can’t participate today, ANY DAY of the year can be a CAP DAY.  You can donate on the website any time, and host a CAP DAY of any size, anywhere! CFK welcomes all collaborations.
For more info, please go to www.CapsForKids.org

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