Be a good citizen

Mikhail Baryshnikov,  better known as Mischa, presents this idea that we can all do something meaningful and hopefully be a good "citizen of humanity".   You can hear his story and the stories of other innovators that the Citizens of Humanity team are inspired by in the video series Just Like You

These videos and of course their expertly designed jeans were motivation to pop into the new Citizens of Humanity showroom and boutique in West Hollywood, and I'm so glad I did.  The Venice style bungalow  is packed with great books and comfy couches so the space feels more like your dream livingroom than a shop.  But it is a shop, a great shop!  In addition to exclusive in-store only items, it houses great pieces and yummies that are favorites of CH owner Jerome Dahan.  From Sea Salt Caramels homemade at the Little Flower Candy Co. to Fragrances from the Brooklyn based MCMC (my personal favorite scent from them is Phoenix), LA local Renee Holguin's RTH handbags, Surfboards and Art by Kassia Meadur Jewelry by Mociun, and most of their great fixtures are pieces from Shelter Half & Environment which add a really raw element to the space.  Needless to say it's worth a visit.  If nothing else than to raid their epic art book collection (duplicates are available for purchase in most cases)! 


Citizens of Humanity Showroom & Shop
8747 Beverly Blvd 
West Hollywood, CA 90048