TERRY de GUNZBURG an artist in Haute Perfumery

It has taken me ten years to achieve this collection of “personified” scents. I had to progress slowly in order to learn and understand about essences that felt right, which was a humbling yet enriching experience. I had to ignore the do’s and don’ts imposed by trends or by a commercial brief. Free from any restrictions, I have followed my instinct to create pure, original and extravagantly high-quality fragrances.

Growing up on the Golden Mediterranean shores, Terry holds ecstatic fragrant memories of Geranium petals that she used on her nails to create fairy-like fingers, the vibrant smell of the Jasmine boiling in her grandmothers stills,  and the aroma of Lavender coming from her father's pharmacy while he made refreshing colognes. 

In Terry's first collection there are five unique scents that can be worn alone or layered. The five floral scents were chosen from the inspiration sparked with memories of her youth.  

Lumières d'épices - citrus, sensory, luminous, a combination of citrus fruit’s freshness, spices and a floral signature

Ombre Mercure - oriental, powdery, mysterious, captivating, an overdose of powdery violet

Rêve Opulent - musky, sensual, feminine, a tribute to gardenia

Partis Pris - woody, amber, passion, conviction, a rich and multi-faceted fragrance with pronounced olfactory nuances

Flagrant Delice - fruity, delicious, a contemporary and delectable fig

$195 each, Available at Barneys.com