See who's Acting Disruptive with Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere stopped in to talk about his new project Acting Disruptive, "a new digital series that I co-created with Tribeca Enterprises to discuss disruptive thinking, innovation, and business with some of the worlds favorite storytellers."

COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE: What was the original idea behind acting disruptive? Can you talk to us about the creation process a bit?

MAX LUGAVERE: I love creating content that informs and inspires, particularly about science, tech, and innovation, that is draws people in and is accessible. I saw a pattern emerge in Hollywood where people with followings for their art were heavily investing in technology, challenging the status quo in many ways. I wanted to seek out these multi-hyphenates and tell their stories.

CM: Why  create a platform like acting disruptive?

ML: It's smart and fun. It extends the conversation about entrepreneurship and ideas to the zeitgeist. I hope that it inspires people. I also really wanted to meet Jessica Alba.

CM: How do look for when deciding on content? 

ML: Our guests need to be entrenched in the day-to-day. We aren't a platform for celebrity spokespeople. We're a platform for artists who are deeply passionate about the off-camera work they are doing and who have built platforms for themselves.

CM: Talk to us about VyRT

ML: VyRT is Jared Leto's company which he built from the ground up. It's a tech startup that streams high def broadcasts of 30 Seconds to Mars' concerts in a way that renders the traditional sponsor model obsolete and gives him full control. Jared is a badass, I love his band, and I love his movies. Dude is crazy passionate about technology. I feel like he's the epitome of what Acting Disruptive is all about.

CM: Who are your entrepreneurial  role models?

ML: The guys we're featuring are pretty inspiring... I also look up to guys like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, etc.

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